Feature list for Zeta Resource Editor.

Current features

Zeta Resource Editor currently comes with the following main features.

Look and Feel

  • Modern Windows ribbon style user interface (UI).
  • Multi-lingual UI in both English and German, automatically switched depending on your OS language.


  • Edit .NET string resources of multiple resource files inside a single grid control.
  • Manage even large number of resource files within a Zeta Resource Editor project file.
  • Arrange multiple resource files in a project tree control, grouping it the way you want to see them, independent on the actual location in the file system.
  • Cumulated traffic light indicators in the tree (red, yellow, green) give you a very fast overview of the overall translation progress of your project.
  • Adding, renaming and removing of new resource strings directly from within Zeta Resource Editor.
  • Grouping in the resource tree. You can thing beyond the file structure by group your resources into a more logical manner or show the content of all files within a single grid.

External interfaces

  • Import directly by loading a Visual Studio .NET solution file (".sln") or a C# project file (".csproj").
  • Export one or more resources in one or more languages into a Microsoft Office Excel document for passing it to your external translation agency. Export works with an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand wizard UI.
  • Import previously exported Microsoft Office Excel documents back into Zeta Resource Editor. Import also comes with an easy-to-use wizard UI.
  • Automatically import resource files or a whole file system folder structure with one click.
  • Automatically uses Google Translate or Microsoft Translator (Bing) to fill your missing translations.

Planned features

Zeta Resource Editor will include the following features in the future.


  • Load and save of arbitrary resources files. I.e. it will be no more limited to .NET resource files but can be e.g. used to edit standard Windows (MFC) resource files or Qt resource files or your own internal custom formats.
  • Tagging support for the resource tree. Showing all files with a certain tag within a single grid.
  • More to come...