Feature list for Zeta Resource Editor.

Zeta Resource Editor currently comes with the following main features.

Look and Feel

  • Modern Windows ribbon style user interface (UI).
  • Multi-lingual UI in both English and German, automatically switched depending on your OS language.


  • Edit .NET string resources of multiple resource files inside a single grid control.
  • Manage even large number of resource files within a Zeta Resource Editor project file.
  • Arrange multiple resource files in a project tree control, grouping it the way you want to see them, independent on the actual location in the file system.
  • Cumulated traffic light indicators in the tree (red, yellow, green) give you a very fast overview of the overall translation progress of your project.
  • Adding, renaming and removing of new resource strings directly from within Zeta Resource Editor.
  • Grouping in the resource tree. You can thing beyond the file structure by group your resources into a more logical manner or show the content of all files within a single grid.

External interfaces

  • Import directly by loading a Visual Studio .NET solution file (".sln") or a C# project file (".csproj").
  • Export one or more resources in one or more languages into a Microsoft Office Excel document for passing it to your external translation agency. Export works with an easy-to-use and easy-to-understand wizard UI.
  • Import previously exported Microsoft Office Excel documents back into Zeta Resource Editor. Import also comes with an easy-to-use wizard UI.
  • Automatically import resource files or a whole file system folder structure with one click.
  • Automatically uses Google Translate or Microsoft Translator (Bing) to fill your missing translations.